Specifically designed to meet your security needs.

Smart Contract Security Auditing

Auditing is the main product of Cairo Security Clan. The most talented cairo auditors united to provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.

Multiple Teams

While one team of auditors is researching potential vulnerabilities, the parallel team will work on detecting edge cases to increase your project's test coverage.


Cairo Security Clan is investing in developing an insurance fund for Starknet protocols. This additional service can protect your protocol users funds in any disaster.

Protocol Economic Research

We provide an economic analysis of your blockchain protocol from our professional economists. It helps you to improve your protocol's sustainability against fluctuating market conditions.

Collaborated Researchs

Our team can collaborate with any other auditors or auditing companies you choose, in cases like multiple-layer integrations. If you need an extra eye on one side of your protocol.

Development Assistance

We provide development, finding and fixing services for your protocol. If your developer's pipeline is full or a problem blocking your timeline, here are the best Cairo developers who can work for you.