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How It Works?

Everything you need for your project's security.


Let us discover your project and hear from you. We analyze your needs and make an offer.

Security Research

Our most talented auditors are assigned to find potential vulnerabilities in your protocol. We update you simultaneously.


We prepare a security research protocol that includes findings and recommendations. The report contains a technical representation of the project for protocol users to understand.

Why Cairo Security Clan?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Cairo Security Clan provides only Starknet-related security products. Our quotes are quite low compared to our competitors because you only pay for people working on your review and insurance fund.

Cairo Security Clan is a team created by experienced Cairo security talents. Our team only provides Cairo audits, with auditors who have experience of more than 2+ years on Starknet.

We have security and test developer teams. Additionally, we can provide an extra team to work on your project's tests and develop new tests to increase your test coverage.

“I worked for almost a year to secure Starknet protocols as a security researcher & cairo auditor in Nethermind. I decided to build Cairo Security Clan to provide better earnings to talented auditors while lowering costs for clients. We are achieving this by simply focusing on securing Starknet without any other corporate products.”

Erim Varis

Founder, Security Researcher

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